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Hi from the new Publicity Secretary, Richard

Easingwold Running Club… what a year it has been.  So many tremendous achievements by so many people.  The club really is the place to be right now, offering so much to those who find themselves anywhere on their running journey.  From those starting out and discovering the unbridled joy of freedom that the sport can offer to those trying to push themselves to the next level, whether that be striving to achieve long-sort personal best times or challenges they’d never have dreamed possible in the past, there really is room for all.


The club is now in its 29th year and is as strong as it’s ever been.  This is down to the dedication and tireless efforts of a number of folk.  Before I provide you with a list of who’s doing what in the year ahead, a huge thank you must go out to Sarah Dixon and Nigel Ramsden in particular.  In total, and in many guises, the two of them have supported the club for a grand total of 37 years!  Roles aside, both of them have played a crucial role in making all who come along welcome and have provided support on so many levels for so many people, always encouraging and willing to give their time to others.  I myself have been part of the club for many years and have benefited throughout that time.  At our latest Annual General Meeting, both were rightly presented with the new Honorary Members Shield!  Well done to you both.


At the AGM, posts were dutifully confirmed to keep the club moving in the right direction.  Colin Fletcher has taken the reigns from Rob Cooper and is now the Chair for ERC.  Thank you, Rob, for your time in post.  A job really well done, with special note to all the hard work put in, guiding the club following the release of England Athletics new Club Standards.  The following continue in post for ERC and these are: Natalie Lunn (Treasurer), Kevin Johnson (Lead Welfare Officer), Rachel Farrand and Steve Loseby (Member Representatives), Doug Pearce (Webmaster), Jane Maloney (Social Secretary), Ray French (Secretary), Harry Berger (Club Kit Coordinator) and Neil King (Road Race League Coordinator).  Coming into post are Andy Throup (Coach and Lead Coordinator), Emma Triffitt (Competition Secretary) and Claire Throup (Membership Secretary).  Alongside a whole host of club run leaders and coaches (far too many to mention right now), the club is in fantastic hands.  The photo taken includes the majority of our revamped 24/25 team!


I for one am really looking forward to the year ahead and hope that all the current members are too.  Perhaps you are reading this as an interested bystander.  If you are, why not come along on a Thursday night to The Galtres Centre at 18:40 to see what it’s all about.  A general welcome to the night and what follows usually starts at 18:50, so this will give you some time to be welcomed in person by the leaders.  You never know, it could be the start of something good!  Check out our website to whet your appetite.  Small sub-note… occasionally (and especially during the lighter and brighter months), we meet away from Easingwold, so check the website first to make sure you know where we are!


Next time, I’ll talk you through what happens during a typical year, how each week is structured and what the club can offer for you, no matter where you are on your own quest.  We’ll take a look at the calendar, discover what people have been up to and maybe find the odd crazy challenge our members have taken part in that will make your eyes water!


See you next time!


Rich Freeman, Publicity Secretary






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