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Thinking of joining? Find out what you need to know.

Already a member? Check to make sure you are up to date with our safety and good practice guidelines.

Easingwold is a market town in North Yorkshire, 15 miles north of York and 10 miles south of Thirsk, just off the A19.

The Club usually meets on Thursday evenings at 6.50pm at the Galtres Centre (YO61 3AD) on the edge of Market Square. Please check our home page for the monthly schedule. 

Occasionally and especially during the lighter months we have regular away evenings in other locations, followed by a visit to a local pub.

Membership is open to runners over 18 and junior family members over 11. All abilities are welcome, but please contact us to let us know what your specific running needs or experience are in advance so we can be sure we can cater for you.

Make sure you read the information given here and our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you've decided to give us a try, please go to our 'Join Us' page.

Find out about our club training sessions, what's involved and when they take place

We aim to ensure our members' health, safety and well-being. See our

Safe Running Guide (PDF) 

 Good Practice Guide (PDF)

Club Standards Documents 

In the lighter months, we arrange 'away evenings' in the on and off road in the countryside around Easingwold, followed by a visit to a local pub. We also have summer and Christmas events.

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In accordance with the Club Constitution, juniors aged 11-17 must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian. The maximum distance permitted for athletes in open competition are given in the UK Athletics Rules for Competitions, (PDF 3MB), page 72 onwards.

  • How much running experience do I need to join?
    Ideally you should be able to run comfortably for 30 minutes non-stop. We tend to run for about 45 minutes on club nights. We cater for all speeds!
  • Is there an age limit?
    Membership is open to all runners aged 18 years and over. Junior members aged between 11 and 17 may run with a family member or appointed responsible adult.
  • Will I hold people up or get left behind?
    Definitely no. On training nights we split into groups according to ability which are managed by coaches who will always check everyone is coping with the speed. If you appear to be in the wrong group, the coach will help you select a more appropriate one.
  • Do I need to be competitive and enter races?
    No, this is voluntary. Many of our members never race. You can train and improve on club nights for general fitness without having to race, although you are very welcome to try one out once you feel confident. If you do want to race, being a club member entitles you to discounts at most races and you can enter the York and District Road Race League which is only open to members of running clubs in the area.
  • Do I need to be really fit to join?
    No, you need to be able to jog for around 30 minutes to keep up with other runners on club nights, but you do not have to be super fit or fast! Hopefully by running with us regularly you can build up your fitness.
  • Do I have to come every week?
    No, you don't. You can attend as little or as often as you like depending on other commitments. Attendence is monitored for safety reasons, but members are not judged on how often they turn up.
  • I'm really keen but can't run for 30 minutes non-stop yet. What do you advise?
    We are currently offering returning runners who have had a gap in their running due to injury or taking a break the opportunity to join our Blue Group whilst they get back up to speed. We don't currently offer a complete Beginner's Group, but keep an eye on our website as we do offer this from time to time.
  • Can you advise me on which running shoes to buy?
    Running shoes vary enormously but you shoul be able to find a pair quite cheaply if you are not sure how much you want to commit. It is important to ensure adequate cushioning. See for more information. Retailers like Up and Running can film your running gait on a treadmill and advise accordingly. You can oftern get a 10% discount as a member of a running club with some retailers.
  • I'm really keen, but Thursday evenings are difficult for me. Is it still worth joining?"
    Yes. Thursday night is the main club night, but we have informal running sessions on Tuesdays and fitness sessions on Mondays. Many races also take place at weekends.
  • I'm a relatively advanced runner that has just moved to the area. Can you cater for me?
    Yes, we cater for all abilities and have several faster runners who you can train with.
  • I used to run a lot and be quite fast, but haven't run for a while. Can you cater for me?"
    Yes certainly. We have different groups on club nights and you can just join the one that suits your fitness. You can move freely between groups if you feel you want a quicker or slower pace.
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