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2023 Club Championship Races

2023 Races - At a glance (XLS)


Features of the 2023 Championship:

  • 10 road and 10 off road events

  • Includes a half marathon for the first time by popular request

  • 3 each Cross Country League and Road race league events rather than 4 of each this year

  • Helmsley 10k, Northallerton 10k, Guy Fawkes 10 make a return to our Championship

  • We have retained the local races we usually support. and a couple of our own free to enter races

See below for this year's events. Taking part in one race will automatically enter you into the Club Championship and your best eight scores will count towards your final overall score.

To complete the Championship and be eligible for a prize, at least two of the eight must be road races and at least two must be off road, cross country or multi terrain.

Please enter external events under 'Easingwold Running Club' or we will not be able to identify you for scoring. Please also wear club vests at each race. Since 2019, there have been separate male and female Championship tables.

We recommend you enter races as early as possible as many of them will sell out quickly.

For NYSD cross country (XC) events, York & District Road Race League (YDRRL) events and/or ERC specific events, check your email for the sign up process.

For the up to date Club Championship table and other race results, please see our Results page.

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Hardmoors Ladies 2022

Races 1-5

1) 15 January: NYSD XC Ormesby Hall

2) 5 February: NYSD XC Richmond

3) 12 March: Thirsk 10 enter here

4) 2 April: Hooded Horse 10K enter here

5) 9 April: Helmsley 10K enter here

Races 6 - 10

6) 25 April: YDRRL Tadcaster 10K

7) 9 May: YDRRL Pocklington

8) 28 May: Northallerton 10K enter here

9) 11 June: Burton Leonard 10K enter here

10) 20 June: YDRRL Yorkshire Wolds 10K

Lindsay Sarah White Horse
Josh Doug Wistow 2022

Races 11 - 15

11) 16 July: Ilkley Half Marathon enter here

12) 27 July: George Becton 5K scratch race

13) 16 August: Sessay Swift 6K enter here

14) 3 September: Tholthorpe 10K enter here

15) 24 September: Sutton on the Forest 10K enter here

Races 16 - 20

16) 8 October: Turnpike Trot 10K  entries closed

17) 22 October: Whixley 10K enter here

18) 5 November: Guy Fawkes 10 enter here

19)  19 November: Club Cross Country at Sutton on the Forest

20) 26 November: NYSD XC Summerhill

ERC XC May 2019
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