In 2019, the George Becton Trophy scratch race will take place on Thursday 8th August and the reverse handicap on 15th August.

The George Becton Trophy is open to club members only and is held over two consecutive Thursday evenings in August or September, it comprises a scratch race followed by a handicap race based on times from the first race over our 5K route.

Originally it was the only club competition first being run in 1999. In 2003 it was renamed the George Becton Trophy in memory of George Becton, an enthusiastic club member who sadly died in 2003.

New rules were introduced for 2018. 

The scratch race sets a marker for the handicap race. Your scratch time will be used for your starting position in the handicap race with no adjustment. However, there will be a limit on how much you can improve on the handicap race to ensure a more competitive scratch race and hopefully a closer handicap race. This limit will be 3% of your scratch time to give your fastest possible handicap time.  To put some figures on that:

For a runner finishing in 20 minutes for the scratch race, a 3% improvement is 36 seconds allowing for a maximum finish in the handicap race of 19 mins 24 seconds.  So a 20 minute runner finishing in 19 min 10 secs will have 14 seconds added to give an adjusted finish time of 19 min 38 secs taking the runner closer to 20 mins time he achieved in the scratch race.

Club members running should wear club kit at the race.

George Becton start of Snake Lane.jpeg

George Becton at the Snake Lane 10 (top left)

2014 GB Scratch race start.jfif

2014 race start


2020: Adam King

2019: Laura Tuley

2018: Jane Maloney

2017: Roxana Freeman

2016: Laura Border

2015: Ann Bean

2014: Steph Gould

2013: Mike Bishop

2012: Ross Quin

2011: Lindsey Walker

2010: Anne-Marie Chaytor

2009: Stuart Selby-Gerrold

2008: Pippa Hutton

2007: Josh Williams

2006: Gregor Tubb

2005: David Carroll

2004: Carol Willis

2003: Ken Dart

Course record holder: Shaun Lawson (2014)

George Becton start 2019.jpg

Just before the 2019 race