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2023 Club Champion - Stephan Tomaszewski

My ERC 2023 season

As a person who has made North Yorkshire my home for many years, I joined Easingwold Running Club 2 years ago, as various friends of mine who run for the club have always said how friendly & encouraging the club members are, and they always welcome new members. With this in mind I joined the club and have taken part in their twice weekly training runs. After my 2nd season with the club I won the Mens Championship for 2023, this being an honour for me, as the club has some of the strongest runners in North Yorkshire, which I have found has been great for raising my performance & fitness.

Amongst many local running events that the club takes part in each year, one of the best is the York & District Summer Road Race League which is a series of 6 races at 10k distance. These races are really inspirational as there are approx. 400 runners taking part in each race, where the camaraderie & support between each runner is brilliant, and there is a great sense of achievement when completing each race.

Many of the other local races including the Easingwold Millfield Park Run are also great races for club members where apart from the keeping heathy & fit aspects, the social side of running with your club friends is really inspirational & satisfying, so don’t sit in your chair for too long, go out & get some fresh air and do a run!


Stephan is the 2023 male club champion. He completed 14 out of the 20 races which included six road events and eight off-road ones. He was the top scorer in 11 out of those 14 events which included the Hooded Horse 10K in Kilburn, the Helmsley 10K and the Road Race League events in Tadcaster and Pocklington.

We run the Club Championship each year from January to December. There are 20 events with the best eight scores to count. At least two of the eight must be road races and at least two must be off road or multi terrain.

You don't have to enter a minimum number of events to be included in the championship, but you must compete in eight to be awarded a medal. The first third of those competing in eight events will get a gold award, the second third a silver and the final third a bronze.

Scores are calculated applying age grading factors to take out differences in age and sex therefore allowing direct comparison of the results produced by all participants in an event. Runners are then ranked according to their score and then Points are then allocated by position (e.g. 1st place = 50 points, 2nd place = 48 points, 3rd place = 46 points etc.)

​All results are adjusted for both age and gender and there will still be prizes for the top males and females. Events have been chosen for their close proximity to Easingwold and are a mixture of road, off road, multi terrain and cross country.

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