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Summer Racing!

The summer race season is in full swing, with events being held each weekend, both locally and nationally. The wide variety of events offer our club members the opportunities to undertake a mix of challenges, be it new courses, new locations, or the chance to test their previous times on a well trodden route. Whatever the option taken, Easingwold Running Club members have certainly put their winter training to fantastic use. They’ve shown an eagerness to stand on the start line in the heat, rain and hail each weekend, with great enthusiasm and well deserved performances.

Many of these events form part of the club championship and on the 25th July 21, 12 club members pitted themselves against one of the most challenging courses on the roster, the James Herriot Trail Race. Held at Castle Bolton the course comprised of 14 kilometres of hills, hills and off-road tracks. This may spark a sense of uneasiness into many seasoned runners, but the 12 club participants were not to be daunted. Craig Gath completed a strong race, finishing in 7th position overall with a time of 57:08, along with Samantha Davies who was the second female home with a time of just over 61 minutes.

Race 8 of the Championship was the Darlington 10km event, held on Sunday 1st August 21. 1000 runners competed, making it one of the larger events on the race circuit so far this year. Again, Easingwold Club runners were there to compete, with 8 members taking on the course. Lindsey Walker was the first female club member home with a time of 57:43, followed shortly by Samantha Kelly with a time of 58:40. Roy McGhie was the fastest club male over the finish line with a time of 42:17, followed by Richard Knott in 43:21.

With 8 events completed the Club Championship table continues to take shape. However, with 4 months of events left to undertake, it’s very much still up for grabs. Samantha Davies currently leads the females with a total point score of 250, but Jane Cowley is very much in close contention with 240 points on the board. In the male category Richard Knott leads the way with 346 points. Race 9 sees the club take on Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers in the now annual Sessay Swift 6k, held on the 18th August 21.

The 5th August 21 also saw the completion of the annual inter club event, the George Becton 5km. This was the second leg of the event and a timed handicapped race. All members must have completed the scratch event held several weeks ago; these finish times providing the basis for the handicapped start position of the second leg. The theory being, that all runners should finish at a similar time, with a closely contested first over the line winner. This years race didn’t disappoint. Supported again by a large, dedicated team of volunteers, the race was a huge success. Michael Wallis took the top spot, followed by Claire Throup in 2nd and Michael Bishop in 3rd.

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