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It's Awards Season!

Awards season is in full swing, and with a 2 year in person hiatus, the circus has swept into town, albeit with a few running adaptions. Red carpet? No, a club social run around town and the surrounding area. Fashionably designed and interictally made dresses. Again, no, post running apparel with a quick change of attire. So, what do these awards share with others across the world? The opportunity to look back on success. A chance to recognise both club and personal achievements across 2021, celebrate stand out performances, improvements, and exceptional devotion to the club.

The first prize of the evening was the ‘Manoocheher Amir Cup’, named after a club member, who sadly passed away in recent years. The event was an inter club cross country race, with 49 club members tackling an off-road route in Myton. This year the trophy was lifted by Julian Ollive, who finished the race in a time of 25:49.

Next up was the winner of the annual George Becton 5km handicap race. Again, this award is in honour of another lost founding member of the club, George Becton. The event is always a highlight on the club championship schedule and this year, the top accolade was taken by Mike Wallis.

The awards didn’t stop there. The club championship consists of twenty separate events, spread across the entire year. Offering a mix of road, mixed terrain, and cross-country routes, ranging from 5km to marathon distance. At every event, club members are stood at the start line, club colours adorned and adrenaline flowing. But some club members are stood there more often, and the third award of the evening recognised this, the ‘Best Club Championship Supporter’. This year’s well-deserved winner was Lindsey Walker, who completed 18 of the 20 events.

For many, running is seen as a strange hobby. Trust me, many experienced runners often have the same thoughts as they lace up their shoes, strap on a headtorch and head out into the dark. However, what keeps many going during those lonesome miles, is the sense of achievement and self-satisfaction that it offers. Overcoming physical exhaustion to keep those legs moving, comradery within the running community, but crucially the improvements you see and feel the more and more you run. To honour this, the winner of ‘Improver of the Year 2021’ was Rachel Farrand, who clocked up 13 club championship events, including countless PB’s along the way.

Next the award for ‘Coach/Leader of the Year’. Every Thursday club members are out in town and the surrounding areas for the weekly club evening. Each group is led by a qualified coach, putting members through their paces, whilst ensuring the safety of the runners and the local community is always maintained. Making all of this happen takes devotion, organisation and in recent times, the ability to flex and adapt to last minute personnel or Government changes. This year’s deserved winner was Nigel Ramsden.

We were then onto the Club Championship final awards and the chance to celebrate the winners of both the male and female categories. The club runners that had achieved the most championship points across the 20 events. In the female category Jane Cowley took 3rd place with Jane Maloney taking second spot. The female winner for the 2021 season was Sam Davies, who completed a breath-taking year of running by picking up the trophy.

On the male side, 3rd place was achieved by Julian Ollive with Richard Knott taking 2nd. The winning male club athlete was Simon Donoghue. Like Sam, Simon had an outstanding year, achieving fantastic times and race positions in both local and inter-club events.

With the evening ending, there was still time for two final awards. Awards which signified the outstanding contributions to the club. The past two years have created vast amounts of human struggles, across the world. For many, the club has provided structure to an unpredictable and sometimes unnerving world. This has only been made possible by all those that form part of the club community and those driving the club and its members onwards. To celebrate those members that have best embodied this determination and drive, the final two awards for the evening went to Mike Bishop, Nigel Ramsden and Colin Fletcher.

Tim Williams, Publicity Secretary

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