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Run chat

Hi there!

Oh hello, how are you?

Good thanks, and you? What’s been going on?

Well, still running of course. Always something happening at the club.

Yes, putting in the miles I assume? Just the usual training is it?

For the most I guess. We’re still regularly meeting up on Tuesdays, you remember 6 o’clock for the “Tapas” runners and then another group do their social runs and training at 7.

Sure, I laughed when I first heard of the “Tapas” group but it makes sense, a little bit of different things, sprints, hills and the like.

Yeah, and both groups are well attended…

Even in the winter?

Hey, the ERC runners aren’t put off by a little weather!

Good for you. And what’s the latest with your Club Championship?

Well, as you might remember, we have fewer road races in the winter so people are getting more into the trail and cross-country runs.

Do they really want to do those?

Silly question! Of course we do. As a club, we entered the North Yorkshire and South Durham cross-country league last year. There was a steady group of about eight or so who entered most races but this year far more have started them. We’ve even added two into the Club Championship and it’s been great to see about twenty or so at some of the races.

Wow, good going. And any other races apart from the cross-countries?

Yes, we’ve had one road and trail race as well as a cross-country since I last saw you. So, a few weeks ago, we took part in the ‘Muddy Boots’ race in Ripon. It was Round 6. It’s a 10k one, a lot off road and this year, pretty muddy!

Many turn up?

Yeah, twenty three from ERC out of a field of 421. Good turnout, considering the conditions.

For sure, and I know this year you’ve got female and male championship results haven’t you?

Yes, well remembered! So, at this race in the female category Isla McClanachan sped round in 48.27. Stephanie Cooper did it in 55.44 and then Elizabeth Chambers was third for the club, 56.23.

And the men?

Yes, Jamie Arkle blitzed it in 36.59. He was third overall as well, great run. Mark Whiteman was next for us in 41.42 and then Colin Fletcher in 41.47.

Cool, everyone’s running well. Your winter training’s paying off. So, that was round 6 you said. What was Round 7? The cross-country I think you mentioned?

Yes, up at Richmond just last week. It’s up on the north side of the town, you know, the site of the old racecourse. Not exactly the Alps but pretty undulating. A good race.

How many went and who did that one?

Loads of age categories in this league so we had Isla again in the under 15s. She did well and was fourth in 19.09. Then we had her brother Fergus in the under 17s and again, a good run on his course. He was sixth in 19.48.

Our ladies team came 7th out of 11 and our top three were, Sam Davies, Emma Atkinson and Sally-Anne Lardner.

What were their times?

Glad you asked! 20.55 for Sam, Emma in 26.18 and Sally in 27.29.

What about the men?

Yes, well our top three were quite close in times. Colin Fletcher did the longer men’s course in 40.46 then Neil King in 41.03 and then Mark Whiteman in 43.17.

So, I assume you can tell me the updated championship table now? Both ladies and men this year isn’t it?

Exactly, so on the ladies side, our top three at the moment are, Sally-Anne Lardner, Pippa Hutton and Catherine Lumb, and then in the men’s, it’s Colin Fletcher, Neil King and Mark Whiteman.

Well, hey, thanks for the update. No doubt people have done other things and more coming up?

Naturally. It’s a sort of never ending cycle of training, races, social runs, get togethers, doing your own thing. As long as you enjoy it, it’s all good and looking at the amount of time and effort people put in, I think it’s self evident. And, before you go, just to tell you about the recent Hardmoors.

Oh yeah, seen some of the club do those tough ones up on the Moors.

Yes, well, recently it was the Saltburn half marathon and Sam Davies, Cath Howell-Walmsley, Emma Atkinson and Liz Firth all did it.

Good for them. Tough race I guess?

I hear it was, lots of hills. Hey, and Sam was fifth, first lady in 01:56:54. Amazing running from all four of them.

Absolutely. Well, good luck with the next race. Nice to catch up and see you soon.

Yes, great to catch up too and thanks for asking about ERC. Come and join us if you like. You know where we are and when?

Galtres, Thursday, 7 p.m?

Exactly! Bring a hi-vis and a headtorch. Still a bit dark but hopefully not for much longer.

See you there!

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