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“Order, orrrrder, orrderrrr!”

... Well, unlike certain things which are dragging their heels, as it were, Easingwold Running Club’s heels (and toes) are in full swing. Our Club Championship (CC) has been debated, agreed on and put into motion… with no begging to move it!

So, only three weeks after the traditional CC finisher at Tholthorpe, another local race provided our 2019/20 opener. The Sutton-on-the-Forest 10k road/trail route was well attended by 240 runners on a lovely late September Sunday lunchtime. Twenty-eight from ERC took part and, as a club, we did rather well. A number of age category winners and some great times. CC1 results are as follows: Female - Sam Davies 41.50 (25th); Isla McClanachan 45.30 (49th) and Sheila Capper 49.50 (89th).

Male - Craig Gath 37.17 (8th); Neil King 39.06 (11th) and Fergus McClanachan 39.13 (12th).

“Orderrrrr, the Right Honourable Gentleman. Mr Paul Hodgson.”

“Thank you, Mr Speaker. I’d just like to inform the house, sorry club, that I proudly sported the blue and green of ERC in Central Park, NYC in September doing my Park Run.”

CC2 on October 6th was a new one for our Championship and according to most of those who competed in the 13k multi-terrain at Grewelthorpe, one of the toughest rounds they’ve raced in. Again, there was a great turnout from the club, 28 out of 143 runners.

The Ladies top three were… Jennifer Duncan in 1:12:53 and 50th overall, Emily Gregg in 1:13:50 and 56th overall and Emma Atkinson in 1:19:06 and 71st overall. In the Men’s category, Craig Gath ran in second overall in 56.00 and first for us, soon followed by Shaun Lawson (57.22) and 3rd overall and then in 4th overall in 58.08 was Neil King. As you can no doubt work out, ERC won the Men’s team prize and congratulations too to Sally-Anne Lardner for winning her age category.

“Thank you, order, orderrrr, the Right Honourable Lady, Mrs Pam Johnson.”

“Thank you, Mr Speaker. I thought the club might like to know that I completed the Kielder Marathon last week. I got completely drenched, I loved it. I’d highly recommend it if you enjoy trails, hills and rain!” Pam ran the beautiful and challenging course in 5 hours, 27.44. Fantastic effort..

“Thank you, Mrs Johnson. Orderrrr, Mr Neil King, you’d also like to inform the club?”

“Yes, thank you Mr Speaker. The club might also like to know that the recent Hardmoors Half Marathon at Fryupdale also put us on the map. I won the race in 2:09:45 and Sam Davies came second in 2:10:20 with our third runner Cath Howell-Walmsley 2:56:48.”

The next CC race is coming up next weekend at Whixley. Another multi-terrain route. Results next time.

This last weekend though saw the numbers rise as York hosted its 2019 Marathon and 10 miler. It’s not a CC race for us this year but that didn’t stop a few of our members from dodging the weather en route. Results - Marathon: Mark Jackson, 566th overall, 3:22:12; Richard Freeman, 2713th overall, 4:31:04; Megan Remmer, 2721st, 4:28:21 and Stephen Daniel, 3663rd, 5:08:36.

Well done to them all for just completing the distance and we understand your pain Steve when you mentioned it being your third marathon of the year! Also congrats. to Davide DiMaio who finished the 10 mile race in 1:13:40 (277th) and Alice Williams 1:36:10 (1569th).

“Order please, orderrrr. Mr Colin Fletcher.” “Thank you, Mr Speaker. The house, club, may have forgotten that back in early September and following on from the Hull half marathon qualifying, I again donned my England vest for the Masters Team qualifier at Maidenhead. I finished 7th in M60 in 1:29:46. I was a bit disappointed but will try again next year.”

Personally, I think just taking part in races is an achievement and not simply because I’ll never win one!

As we’ve seen, our members compete over road, trail, multi-terrain, cross-country and fell courses. Sometimes the weather is with us, sometimes we battle the wind and rain (hail and snow to come!).Some routes are flat, some undulating and some downright hilly.

But when you pull on the ERC vest to represent your club and in Colin’s case recently his England Masters vest, the competitive spirit always emerges.

It’s nice to win (I assume!!) or beat your personal best or test yourself against a colleague, but even if you cross the line towards the end, you’ve done it, you’ve achieved and that’s also winning.

“And I commend this statement to the house… club.”

Jonathon Harris-Douglas, Publicity Secretary

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