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Not Monkeyin' around

"Here we come, running down the street

We get the funniest looks from

Everyone we meet.

Hey, hey, we’re the runners

And people say we run around

But we’re too busy running

To put anybody down.

We go wherever we can go

Do what we like to do.

We don’t have time to get restless,

There’s always something new.

Hey, hey, we're the runners,

And people say we run around.

But we're too busy running

To put anybody down.

We're just tryin' to be friendly,

Come and watch us run and run,

We're the young (& older!) generation,

And we've got something to say.”

I heard this (slightly altered!) oldie but goldie whilst running the other day and I thought… well, why not!

But, seriously, if you’re in Easingwold this coming Tuesday evening, May 28th, please do “come and watch us”.

See full article above.

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