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ERC Awards 2019 - and more!

Well, everyone seems to be doing it these days…. So, I’m proroguing my own sitting of races and results and the like… However, unlike others suggesting five weeks away from HQ sounds like a good idea, I’m actually still sitting, just bringing you a “special” this month. And I wasn’t even there!...

Sadly I was away working so missed this year’s ‘ERC Awards Evening’ which annually celebrates club members’ activities for the previous season. Whether that’s winning something, nearly winning it (!) or an outstanding achievement of some sort.

I understand the evening, introduced by ERC Chairman Mike Bishop, went very well and after the usual shorter training session, members congregated at the Galtres, glass in one hand, food in the other, to appreciate the awards.

Competition Secretary Colin Fletcher had put together a powerpoint presentation, so rather than me trying to remember something I didn’t witness, I’ll follow the evening as it happened, more or less!

Kindly presented as usual by Toby and Dawn Becton was the ‘George Becton’ Trophy, named in memory of Toby’s father, a former ERC member. The week 1 scratch winners were Lyndsey Jecock and Cameron Choules respectively with our Trophy winner being Laura Tuley.

The Club Championship (CC) got off to the traditional start in September 2018 with the ‘Sutton Park’ 10k trail/road race. This last season saw a new system of points, more off road events with more variety and a splitting of the winners table. Although competing together still, members are divided by gender so the club now has two tables and ultimately two club champions. Autumn saw events at Whixley and our second outing as a club in the North Yorkshire and South Durham cross country League series. The winter and into 2019 saw events in Ripon, Thirsk, The White Horse, 10ks, 10 miles, road and trail.

The next award was for the intra-club cross country at Millfields, again in memory of another sadly departed ERC member, Amir Manoocher. The 2019 x/c Trophy was awarded to Neil King.

Spring and the Swaledale Marathon which brought the club’s next award of ‘Outstanding Achievement. Richly deserved for one of our youngest runners to complete a tough off road race of this distance. This went to Isla McClanachan.

Stephen Daniel competed in the ‘London Marathon’ and along with the ‘TNT’, ‘Hardmoors’ series of races and the ‘Cleveland Way Relay’, this was just another challenge taken up by our members.

May to July annually sees ERC taking part in the York and District Road Race League (YDRRL) and at the final reverse race, this year held at York Uni., the trophies were handed out with three ERC runners collecting. Well done to Sam Davies, 1st W35; Steve Loseby, 3rd M50 and Jane Cowley, 3rd W55.

The parameters for the ‘Improver of the year’ award were as follows: Run Britain Handicap (RBH) improvement; PB improvement; other achievements. Congratulations to both Craig Gath, whose RBH went up 37%, his 10k PB to 37.27 and strong results including the ‘Swaledale Marathon’, and to Sally-Anne Lardner. Her RBH up by 17%, her 10k improved by 4.15 minutes and great results in her age grade at Park Run.

Coach of the year was presented by last year’s winner Steve Loseby. This award is voted for by the members, this year for the first time via an online poll organised by our ‘Webmaster’ Doug Pearce. How tech savvy are we? Well, Doug anyway! Well done to Colin Fletcher for Coach of the Year 2019.

More summer events included the ‘Northumberland Coastal Run’, the ‘Burn Valley Half Marathon’ and the ‘Marathon du Malton’.

ERC’s best supporter award went to Sarah Lees. She competed in 16 events out of the 20. Well done to Sarah… which brings us to the CC facts and figures… This last season’s CC of 20 rounds saw 528 finishers overall (+177), with Ladies at 296 and Men at 232. An average of 26 members per round (+9) with 34 of us running more than 8 rounds (+15).

So, finally to the new system of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards which were brought in to encourage and reward all members to push on and get as many points as they can. Obviously we can only have one female and one male champion, but the following lists all those who achieved the categories mentioned.

CC Bronze Ladies: Liz Chambers; Lindsey Walker; Natalie Gobbi; Pam Johnson; Catherine Skinner and Rachel Farrand.

CC Bronze Men: Rob Cooper; Richard Freeman; Alistair Lunn; Jonathon H-D; Stephen Daniel.

CC Silver Ladies: Jane Maloney; Cath H-W; Karen Newton; Catherine Lumb; Jaki Jarvis and Sarah Lees.

CC Silver Men: Craig Gath; Davide Di Maio; Richard Knott; Doug Pearce and Roy McGhie.

CC Gold Ladies: Stephanie Cooper; Pippa Hutton and Emma Atkinson.

CC Gold Men: Mark Whiteman; Steve Loseby and Cameron Choules.

CC Ladies: 3rd place - Jane Cowley, 2nd place - Sam Davies.

CC Men: 3rd place - Neil King, 2nd place - Howard Thompson.

CC Ladies Champion - Sally-Anne Lardner.

CC Men’s Champion - Colin Fletcher.

So, prorogation over. Back to normal sitting next time. But really, many congratulations to all the above for their winnings, achievements and to all our club members just for coming out and training, competing and socialising and organising events such as this.

I can say that in all honesty and I haven’t even had to ask the Queen and massage my reasons…!!

Jonathon Harris-Douglas, Publicity Secretary

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