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Easingwold Running Club - Cleveland Way Special

Paparazzo wasn’t quite so sweet. Clark Kent, not so super.

Chopper Dave was still in 1990s Seattle and Kent Brockman was still a cartoon…

So… I’ve had to rely on my very own talented and professional reporters in the field.

And when I couldn’t find them, I turned to Neil King and Kevin Johnson!

Shortly before 8 p.m. on Sunday 23rd June, three members of ERC made their way into Helmsley to touch the Memorial in the town centre. The traditional finish of the ‘Cleveland Way Relay Race’. Our colours were worn by Sue, Isla and Fergus McClanachan. A fitting way for two of our younger club members (and Mum Sue) to complete the 109 miles relay race over and across the Moors from the coastal start in Filey. Fish and chips and drinks were “well earned” according to our team organiser Neil King.

He said: “The beaming faces portrayed the enjoyment experienced, which continued into Helmsley and the finish”.

So... what, where, when, how and why?

What is it? Well, The ‘Cleveland Way Relay’ is a foot race along the course of the ‘Cleveland Way’ long distance footpath.


The event is normally run from Filey to Helmsley, but it has been done in reverse. Distance wise, it’s approximately 109 miles or 176 ks.


Last Sunday!


34 ERC members, including three juniors took part along with 22 teams from other clubs and organisations. There are 16 legs to the race so each team must consist of a minimum of 16 runners, at least one of whom must be female. It’s fine to have more than one runner in each leg, hence our club’s representation of 34. The only distance rule is that each participant must cover a minimum of 5k.

Our early risers were Richard Freeman and Colin Fletcher who started us off at 5.00 a.m.

from Filey beach. Leg 1 took them the 14ks to Scarborough and the first handover where Colin continued to Cloughton with Steve Daniel. Cath Howell-Walmsley and Kevin Johnson took on the baton as the route continued hugging the coast, Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay. The legs continued thereon up to Whitby, Runswick Bay and Skinningrove before heading inland across the top of the Moors, anti-clockwise down through Slapewath, Gribdale, Battersby Moor, Clay Bank, Carlton Bank, Osmotherley, Sneck Yate and Helmsley.

At each changeover point, photos were taken and shared on social media. These, along with the electronic trackers, informed the waiting runners of arrival times. The whole event takes a lot of organising as you can imagine. Each runner, pairs, threes etc had to be in the right place at the right time to enable the correct handover. It all worked though and by all accounts (my dedicated reporters!) everyone had a fantastic race.

Kevin mentioned running along the coast, calm sea, beautiful morning and great banter, although the steep hill out of Robin Hood’s Bay might’ve put those aspects to the back of his mind temporarily. He did say though: “It couldn’t have been a better day”!

Neil mentioned the great weather, beautiful views and the camaraderie of a proper club event. So, a massive well done to all of the ERC members who took part in this amazing, beautiful, gruelling, testing and ultimately fun club race.

And that’s the ‘Why?’!

Finally, a last word for my multi tasking info gatherers. Running and reporting.

Well, relay runners eh? You have to hand it to them don’t you!!!

Jonathon Harris-Douglas, Publicity Secretary

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