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Like a bad day looking up at the station train times, I’m afraid we have lots of cancellations…

Before the bad news though, let’s give you the last and only results we have from our Club Championship (CC).

A few Sundays ago, just sneaking in before the ban in group gatherings, the organisers of the Thirsk 10 were able to hold their popular and wonderfully marshalled 10 miler. Being a well-established race, which is part of many clubs’ CCs as well as Northern Championships and wheelchair races, it meant nearly a thousand took part overall. ERC’s top three in both gender categories are here: Sam Davies - 01:07:09 and 161st; Jennifer Duncan - 01:19:20 (399th); Claire Longbottom - 01:22:25 (468th). Simon Donoghue - 01:04:47 and 114th; Nigel Ramsden - 01:05:50 (134th); Al Lunn - 01:18:08 (368th).

And well done to all sixteen ERC competitors in what may be our last race (CC9) for some time…

CC10, the newly re-named Hooded Horse (Ben Campbell 10k) multi-terrain race has been postponed until October and CC11, which was meant to be a new cross-country course near Carlton Husthwaite in April, is postponed until or if we accommodate it in the future. Hopefully so.

Further afield, the London Marathon is off until October and the Northumberland Coastal Run will miss out until 2021. Locally again, the Ripon 10 is off until May 2021 with the Kirkbymoorside 10k also skipping this year.

One of the stalwarts of our CC and best attended local series, the York and District Road Race League (YDRRL) will also sadly be taking a forced break. We normally start in late April in Pocklington and the seven events which make up the series finish with the timed ‘reverse’ at the University in July.

As with all organised (or non) gatherings at the moment, we, of course, are following the advice of England Athletics and ultimately, the Government. Hence, races as mentioned above and the national network of Park Runs have to be on hold for now.

ERC itself of course is officially closed as the club represents itself responsibly, socially correctly and completely adheres to the governing body’s (England Athletics) advice.

Referring to England Athletics again and their ‘Covid-19’ statement and following the Govt. advice and info., our members are taking this seriously and correctly, either running alone, in pairs but at least 6 feet apart and away from other people.

We, as runners, as well as many of you I’m sure, enjoy exercising for all health benefits, physical and mental, as well as the social side and friendships built up with likeminded people. We can continue to enjoy these benefits as long as we’re all sensible, careful, mindful of others, unselfish and organised.

ERC’s AGM is postponed for now with the committee holding an interim meeting via the web to update and keep members informed and reassured. As long as the technology works and our committee of Berners-Lee, Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk et al can master the ‘On’ switch, we should be good to go.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and others, enjoy the beautiful countryside we have here but, without putting yourselves and others at risk. If in doubt, dust off the old exercise bike, pop on ‘Homes under the Hammer’ from 2017…

Sometimes it’s good to remember what we’ve got when it’s (temporarily) gone.

Jonathon Harris-Douglas, Publicity Secretary

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