Each year at the Awards Evening, we present an award to our Coach of the Year. The winner is voted for by members.

Please indicate your chosen coach from the drop down list below. If you would like to add anything in support of your recommendation, please do so in the comments.

Voting is anonymous and your choice will not be seen by anyone from the club. The reason we ask for an email address below is to ensure that each person only submits one vote, but this will not be cross referenced with your vote. Any vote submitted from an email address more than once will be discounted. Please do not use multiple email addresses and please do not forward this link to anyone outside the club.

The deadline for submitting your vote is midnight on Tuesday 17th September.


In alphabetical order:


Ken Dart

Jon Dixon

Sarah Dixon

Lynn Fawcett 

Colin Fletcher

Emily Gregg

Natalie Gobbi

Cath Howell-Walmsley

Kevin Johnson

Peter Johnson

Neil King

Shaun Lawson

Sarah Lees

Steve Loseby 

Jane Maloney 

Marie Murtagh

Roger Nicholls

Nigel Ramsden

Juliet Robson 

Mark Whiteman

Bernie Wood